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6 Benefits of Serviced Apartments | Compass Apartments

6 Benefits of Serviced Apartments | Compass Apartments

6 Benefits of Serviced Apartments & Why You Should Try One

Recently, the hospitality landscape has witnessed a significant shift, with an increasing number of travelers opting for serviced apartments over traditional hotels. This trend reflects a growing need for accommodations that offer a blend of comfort, convenience, and flexibility. In this article, we delve into the advantages of choosing serviced apartments for various types of travelers. From business professionals seeking extended stays to families planning leisure vacations, serviced apartments present a compelling alternative to conventional hotel accommodations.

Who Uses Serviced Apartments? 

  • Business Travelers
    • Ideal for extended stays during business trips.
    • Offers a home-like environment conducive to work and relaxation.
    • Convenient amenities like fully-equipped kitchens and workspaces.
  • Families
    • Ample space for family members to spread out and relax.
    • Kitchen facilities for preparing meals, saving on dining costs.
    • Separate bedrooms provide privacy and flexibility.
  • Medical Patients
    • Comfortable and supportive environment during medical treatments or recovery.
    • Accessible features for individuals with mobility challenges.
    • Home-like amenities offer a sense of normalcy during a challenging time.
  • Relocations
    • Temporary housing solution during relocation or home renovations.
    • Fully furnished accommodations ease the transition process.
    • Flexibility in lease terms and amenities tailored to individual needs.

Serviced apartments cater to a diverse range of guests, offering tailored amenities and accommodations to meet the unique needs of each group. Whether it’s a business traveler in need of a home office, a family seeking space and comfort, a medical patient requiring a supportive environment, or a relocating individual in search of temporary housing, serviced apartments provide the ideal solution for a variety of travel situations.

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Benefits of Serviced Apartments

1. Cost-Effectiveness

Choosing serviced apartments over hotels offers cost-effectiveness due to various factors. You get access to amenities like Wi-Fi, laundry, and on-site amenities which are often included in the package, saving you from additional expenses. Serviced apartments also provide enhanced privacy compared to hotels, making your stay more comfortable and relaxed.

2. Space and Privacy

When comparing the average square footage of serviced apartments with hotels, it’s essential to consider additional features like full kitchens and separate living areas. Unlike traditional hotel rooms, serviced apartments often include fully-equipped kitchens and separate living spaces, further enhancing the overall living experience.

These amenities provide guests with the convenience of preparing their meals and the comfort of having a dedicated space for relaxation and entertainment. Guests can enjoy a more homelike environment and greater flexibility during their stay in serviced apartments compared to hotels.

3. Customized Services and Amenities

Customized services and amenities in serviced apartments elevate the guest experience to new heights. From a fully-equipped business center with Apple computers to resort-style pools and state-of-the-art fitness centers, guests have access to a range of facilities designed to cater to their needs and preferences. The inclusion of concierge services ensures that guests receive personalized assistance and recommendations throughout their stay.

Additionally, on-site pet grooming stations and dog parks cater to furry friends, providing convenience and comfort for pet owners. These amenities collectively contribute to a tailored and exceptional stay, ensuring that guests feel pampered and satisfied throughout their time in serviced apartments.

4. You Only Have to Pack the Essentials

With serviced apartments, you only need to pack the essentials, as everything else is provided for you. Unlike traditional accommodations where you may need to bring or purchase items like furniture, decor, towels, linens, dinnerware, bakeware, kitchenware, cleaning supplies, and even a hairdryer, serviced apartments come fully equipped with all these amenities and more.

This means you can travel lighter and avoid the hassle of lugging around bulky items or spending extra money on necessities. Whether you’re staying for a few days or a few months, serviced apartments offer the convenience of a ready-to-use living space, allowing you to focus on enjoying your trip without the stress of packing or shopping for household items.

5. Location and Accessibility

Location and accessibility are key factors that distinguish serviced apartments in prime areas of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York, ensuring convenience for travelers. Our properties are strategically situated in bustling city centers, vibrant neighborhoods, and scenic suburbs, providing easy access to key attractions, business districts, and transportation hubs.

Whether you’re visiting Boston, Stamford, or White Plains, our serviced apartments offer unparalleled accessibility to renowned landmarks, cultural hotspots, and corporate headquarters. With convenient access to public transportation, major highways, and airports, guests can explore the best of each region with ease, making their stay both enjoyable and hassle-free.

6. Flexibility in Booking and Stay

Flexible booking options are a hallmark of serviced apartments, offering guests the convenience and freedom to tailor their accommodations to their needs. Whether you’re planning a spontaneous getaway or an extended stay, serviced apartments provide last-minute deals and discounts for longer durations, ensuring affordability and flexibility for travelers.

Unlike rigid hotel bookings, which may have strict cancellation policies and limited availability during peak seasons, serviced apartments offer greater flexibility in reservation changes and extended stays. With the ability to adjust your booking according to your schedule, preferences, and budget, serviced apartments provide a stress-free and customizable lodging experience for discerning travelers.

How Long Can I Stay in a Serviced Apartment?

Serviced apartments offer flexible leasing terms to accommodate various lengths of stays, catering to the needs of different types of travelers.

  • Minimum Stay:
    • Minimum stay policies vary depending on the property and location.
    • Some serviced apartments may have a minimum stay requirement of just a few nights, ideal for short-term travelers or weekend getaways.
  • Maximum Stay:
    • Guests can often stay in serviced apartments for extended periods, ranging from several weeks to several months. They also may move in with no exact move-out date or a flexible notice to vacate.
    • For example, business travelers may opt for a serviced apartment for a month-long project assignment, while families relocating to a new city may choose to stay for several months while searching for a permanent residence.

How Do Serviced Apartments Work?

Serviced apartments offer a seamless experience for travelers, with a straightforward booking process and convenient check-in/check-out procedures.

  • Booking Process:
    • Guests can book serviced apartments online through booking platforms, directly with the company, or through travel agencies.
    • The booking process typically involves selecting dates, room type, and any additional preferences or amenities.
  • Check-in/Check-out Procedures:
    • Prior to arrival, guests are provided detailed instructions on the check-in process and provide information about the apartment and its amenities.
    • Check-out is similarly hassle-free, with guests simply returning keys and settling any outstanding charges before departure.
  • Typical Inclusions in a Serviced Apartment Agreement:
    • Serviced apartment agreements typically include amenities such as Wi-Fi, utilities, housekeeping, and access to facilities like fitness centers or swimming pools.
    • Additional services, such as grocery delivery, parking, or housekeeping are typically available upon request for an extra fee.

Serviced apartments offer a multitude of benefits that make them an attractive option for various types of travelers. These benefits include cost-effectiveness, spaciousness, personalized services, convenient locations, and flexible booking options. By choosing serviced apartments, guests can enjoy a hassle-free experience where they only need to pack the essentials, have access to a range of amenities, and benefit from flexible leasing terms tailored to their needs. Whether traveling for business, leisure, or relocation purposes, serviced apartments provide a comfortable and convenient home away from home.

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