Environmental Responsibility

Sustainability Is The Key To Life

We strive to make the world around us better through our dedication to thoughtfully selecting sustainable products and innovations, green initiatives, and our service to our local communities.

Creating Sustainable Value

What It Means To Us 

Sustainability and improving our footprint are important factors in our day-to-day business practices. We actively seek new and creative ways that we can improve our processes and products to reduce our environmental footprint.

Partners With An Impact

We thoughtfully hand-select like-minded partners whose business practices, products, and values are also focused on sustainability.

Experiences That Inspire

We strive to provide experiences that inspire our clients, guests, and partners to keep sustainable lifestyles and practices in mind.

Business With An Impact

Our Commitment

We’re on a mission to change how businesses in the corporate housing industry operate – from products to processes to day-to-day business. Being a hospitality company, we have an inherent impact on the planet. As we aim to better understand our impact and identify ways we can improve, we will maintain an emphasis on continuous learning and evolution of processes. We strive to lead by example and focus on progress over perfection.

How We're Sustainable

We continue to recognize all the ways that we can work towards creating a more sustainable way of living for our guests. By doing business the right way, we can make a difference in local communities and our planet.

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    Strategic Supply Chain

    Like-Minded Suppliers

    We focus on hand-selecting and sourcing from sustainable and like-minded suppliers. We’re dedicated to using resources efficiently and in a way that minimizes environmental impact.

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    Limiting Our Waste

    Donating Furniture

    We ensure that our furniture, linens, and housewares find a second life. We donate them to local charities and organizations, reducing waste and supporting those in need. This extends the lifecycle of these items and contributes to a circular economy, where resources are reused.

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    Doing Our Part

    Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

    We reduce our footprint by recycling our waste in our offices, recycling products in our apartments that are unused, and reducing the number of printed materials we use.

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    Our Local Communities

    Biodiversity Conservation

    Each year to celebrate Earth Day, we hand-select a non-profit organization in each of our local communities to donate to. By supporting these organizations, we are helping to promote biodiversity conservation, ensuring that these natural habitats continue to thrive and support a wide range of species.

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    Limiting Our Emissions

    Carbon Footprint

    We aim to minimize our carbon emissions by adopting energy-efficient technologies, utilizing electric cars, using renewable resources, and implementing better waste management practices.