Looking To Stay?

We aim to offer a variety of locations and price points to meet the needs of most customers. Pricing varies by location, length of stay, seasonality, and square footage.

Resident FAQ’s

Check-in and check-out are made simple at every property. We do business in locations where we either offer contactless check-in via KeyCafe, or where a concierge is on-site and available to assist with a seamless move-in. 

To check out, simply leave your keys on the kitchen counter in your apartment. It’s as easy as that.


All reservation extension requests should be emailed to our Guest Services team at gs@compasscorp.com.

You can extend for as many days as needed, however, keep in mind there may be a rate increase. You can refer back to your lease to see when your current rate expires. Prior to our team confirming your extension, we may need to get approval from your company or relocation counselor.

P.S. If you already provided notice, but realized you need to extend your reservation, please do reach out as we will do our best to accommodate.

Moving Out

Make sure to forward your mail with the US Postal Service to your new address. As soon as you move out we will update the name on the mailbox, so any mail addressed to you will be Returned to Sender by the P.O.

*Note: This process can take several days. For any additional information on forwarding your mail, please contact the US Postal Service.  https://www.usps.com/manage/forward.htm

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