Purposeful Partnerships

Together, We Do More Good

Our COMPASSion drives us. By using our time to help, our money to donate, and creating more programs to bring joy to those we can, we have been able to do some amazing things.

Making A Difference

You have a brand, product, or place to promote. We can give you the ultimate way to promote it. Sponsor an entire floor or just one lucky apartment to collaborate on the ultimate branding opportunity.

Increase Your Impact & Expand Brand Exposure.

We’re always looking for like-minded companies who want to do more good. Extending products, services, or donating a portion of profits to our fundraising efforts can be customized and created for every industry.

Products can be placed within our apartments, gaining visibility and reaching new clientele. Gift cards and discount codes can be gifted within our welcome baskets.

Let’s Work Hand-In-Hand To Make A Difference.

Allow us to create a guest suite that we furnish and manage so that we can roll Compass Cares patients in and out of. You’ll also have access to the guest suite for residents.

Sponsor a family. Allow us to match a family with one of your apartments for a fixed period of time. We will manage their stay entirely.

Every Partner Makes A Difference.

Together, We Do More Good

Purposeful Partners

By teaming up with like-minded companies, we're able to further our impact. See how our participating partners have made an impact for patients and families in need of support.

30 Dalton

30 Dalton in Boston, MA is one of our property participating partners that generously donates their guest suite to our Apartment Program for patients and families in need.

When we have a family that needs a discounted or complimentary stay in Boston, 30 Dalton’s donated guest suite allows us to offer a comfortable, convenient and affordable solution. 

The 30 Dalton team provides our guests with a relaxing, comforting, and seamless experience with their clear communication and care for our guests.

Vybe Interior

How’s the Vybe in our apartments? With Vybe Interiors artwork throughout select apartments, we hope to improve the overall health and wellness of guests as they immerse themselves in ArtLab Living apartments.

Vybe Interiors partners with incredible artists from around the world. There are many extremely talented artists that really struggle to make a good living. It is incredibly rewarding for the Vybe Interiors team to bring an income to the artists that they truly deserve.

They also partner with transitional housing nonprofits. Vybe Interiors donates art to families who have recently struggled with incarceration, homelessness, abusive households, etc. so they have something that makes them happy to hang on their walls when they move into their transitional housing.

Hospitality Homes

Hospitality Homes is a nonprofit organization that provides short-term housing in volunteer host homes for patients receiving medical care. At times, their guests are unable to share housing with host families because of personal medical conditions. Compass Cares is able to serve as a unique resource providing private accommodations so they never had to turn a patient or family away. 

In addition, we’ve furnished two donated apartments providing everything they need, and creating an inspiring turn-key experience for their guests. In 2021, as a part of our Giving Tuesday program, Compass Cares donated over 120 nights to Hospitality Homes and launched a linen program supporting Hospitality Homes and their guests, providing complimentary fresh linens and towels to patients and families staying in Hospitality Homes accommodations.

Lisa Rogers

Lisa Roger is a local artisan who generously donates her time, energy, and materials to create thoughtful therapeutic toys and accessories for children staying with us through our Compass Cares program. 

One of our favorite toys is the Worry Eater, a thoughtfully created plush toy, hand-crafted for our Compass Cares children guests who are often processing challenging emotions. Gifted with an instructional poem, the worry eater asks “Write your worries on a piece of paper, and put the paper here. I will happily eat your worries, and make them disappear!” 

Love Your Melon

Love Your Melon donated 150 beanies in June 2020 and with that, our welcome baskets were growing. Our patients felt more supported, were introduced to another like-minded company, and felt at home with the space and people they were working with.

By August 2020, the Coronavirus pandemic was continuing to spread. Love Your Melon decided to further its impact by donating 250 reusable adult masks & 150 child-sized masks. These masks provided comfort and security while serving as an additional line of defense throughout the pandemic.

Love Your Melon is an apparel brand dedicated to the fight against pediatric cancer. Fifty percent of net profit from the sale of all Love Your Melon products is given to nonprofit organizations around the world that lead the fight against pediatric cancer through groundbreaking research, therapeutic experiences, and family support.