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Compass Crew

Core Culture Values

Our Core Culture Values define the characteristics of the best people in the organization. They serve as the guiding principles by which people of the organization uphold. 

They are also the characteristics of the people we want to surround ourselves with.

We live our core values in EVERYTHING WE DO.

We hire new crew members that ALREADY share and demonstrate these values

We recognize, reward, and promote people based on core values.


Lion’s Spirit

Passion, Energize, Engage, Inspire

Love what you’re doing and are driven to improve everyday.

Challenge yourself! Solve problems, and be resourceful. Focus on opportunities instead of obstacles, rarely getting discouraged.

Build relationships with people that make you better.

Undeniably contribute to making Compass better for clients, yourself, and your peers.

Motivated to thrive in your role and encourage and promote education to keep your crew and clients ahead of the curve.

ROCKstar Mentality

Take responsibility to solve problems and see them through to completion.

Consistently do the right thing. Be real, be genuine.

Do what you say you’re going to do and don’t let clients, peers or Compass down.

Embrace and facilitate change.

Saint’s Heart

We are a family here!

Compassion driven, and feel a sense of duty to use our time to help each other and our community.

You care deeply about making your clients and peers happy.

Make difficult things simple.

Make everyone around you better.

Communicate proactively.

Show gratitude and appreciation, authenticity while being selfless, humble, transparent and honest.


If you share these values, join our crew!


Compass Client Perks

Compass is all about helping you and your employer in the best way possible; and what’s better than exclusive deals?

Provide us with your company name. We offer discounts and perks, for both business and personal needs to many companies already. Let’s see what we can do for you!

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