It's All About Experience

Experience An
Exquisite Stay

Whether youʼre coming for work, medical treatment, or vacation, your ArtLab experience will take the stress away from traveling to a new location and will inspire you to thrive in the local beauty right inside your door. 

The Power of the Arts

We hope to improve the overall health and wellness of guests as they immerse themselves in ArtLab Living apartments.

Whether it be in the form of artwork, music, sculptures, the performing arts, culinary arts, or art museums, ARTlab Living creates a unique, inspiring, and enriched healing experience. We encourage our residents to engage in a creative process that relieves stress, encourages creative thinking, boosts self-esteem, and provides a sense of accomplishment.

Healing. Wellness. Enrichment.

We work with purposeful partners to further our community and global impact. Our purposeful partners across the globe are deeply driven to make a difference in their communities.

By teaming up with them, we’re able to further our impact on a global scale.

Together, We Do More Good.

We hope that the beautiful art in your apartment will speak to you and inspire you.

We strive to inspire you to get involved in the local community, support our artists and improve your mental and physical well-being.

Delivering Experiences That Inspire.

City Outside. Tranquility Inside.

Leave the hussle and bussle of the city outside, and relax inside your apartment. ArtLab Living provides tranquility, inspiration and healing.

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    Style, Reimagined

    Welcoming You Home

    Whether it's the artwork on the walls or tickets to a play, we hope to welcome you home through the power of the arts.

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    Affordable Artwork

    Art For You

    Love the art you see? We offer a 10% discount on any VYBE Interior artwork to all guests. Find the discount code in your digital welcome guide.

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    An Immersive Stay

    Dive Into The Arts

    We hope to inspire our guests to immerse themselves in the arts within the city. Whether it's seeing the sculptures on the street or visiting a museum, there are hundreds of artistic places and things to enhance your stay.

Vybe Interiors

How’s the Vybe in our apartments? With Vybe Interiors artwork throughout select apartments, we hope to improve the overall health and wellness of guests as they immerse themselves in ArtLab Living apartments.

Vybe Interiors partners with incredible artists from around the world. There are many extremely talented artists that really struggle to make a good living. It is incredibly rewarding for the Vybe Interiors team to bring an income to the artists that they truly deserve.

They also partner with transitional housing nonprofits. Vybe Interiors donates art to families who have recently struggled with incarceration, homelessness, abusive households, etc. so they have something that makes them happy to hang on their walls when they move into their transitional housing.

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